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Since the main concern of Unité Mobile MD is the reliability of its mechanical services, we pay special attention to select high-quality products.

When our team is responsible for repairs, conversions, adjustments, or maintenance on your heavy vehicle or trailers, you can rest assured that all parts and systems used will contribute to their longevity and effectiveness.

The products Unité Mobile MD offers are diverse and carefully selected to meet a variety of concerns. Whether regarding spare parts, conversion systems, or maintenance products, we work tirelessly to be able to meet all your needs.


When a mechanical failure occurs, having the right parts on hand is essential to complete the necessary repairs quickly. At Unité Mobile MD, our vast experience and our unique inspection program enable us to better anticipate the parts that we will need for the maintenance of our customers’ vehicles.

In this way, our team is able to effectively manage our inventory to offer you the best possible service. Also, if a particular part happens to be missing, our specialists are able to get it quickly and at a good price.

Thus, we always use the right parts, whether for a one-time repair or routine maintenance.

Ecooil technology conversion system

Our company is also known for producing the ECOOIL TECHNOLOGY system by which diesel engines are converted to run on pure vegetable oil.

This revolutionary technology helps to replace fossil fuels with renewable energy sources to limit the environmental impact of heavy vehicles.

Thus, our product offering can be part of your commitment to the environment.

Environmental preoccupations

At Unité Mobile MD, we understand that preserving the environment requires a collective effort, which is why we are always looking for innovations that allow us to put vehicles on the road that are less harmful to the ecosystem.

Our company prioritizes products that are low in pollutants.

We offer biodegradable lubricants and our services, such as our Environmental Preventive Program, help you reduce the ecological footprint of your vehicles.

our strength

Finally, we provide our customers with combinations of pre-established services, designed to meet different needs, as part of our Preventive Maintenance Program.

Taking into account the condition of your vehicle, what you use it for, and its maintenance frequency, our team of experts can recommend the most suitable program for you. Whether your vehicle needs an inspection, routine maintenance, or even a test drive, you will be able to choose what suits you best.

By doing business with Unité Mobile MD, you can enjoy outstanding service while being assured that only products of the highest quality will be used for the maintenance of your vehicles.